Dad Trolls Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies, Ends Up With More Followers Than Her


We live in a narcissistic world, let’s get real here. And the millenials are totally managing, but there’s the generations before who simply don’t see the point. But with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes a sense of humor. So this dad decided to recreate his daughter’s selfies just to show the world how ridiculous it’s getting.

He only had 49 followers when he started.


His daughter had 39,000 followers. But now, he has 71,300!

Because, of course he does:


So my daughter has a boyfriend.. #selfiedad #thatselfiedad #15minutesoffame #balloonhead

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In another, Chris outs Cassie as being a Twilight fan. Can it really get any more embarrassing than that?!

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