Daddy Gets Some Scolding For Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

Daddy Gets Some Scolding For Leaving The Toilet Seat Up


Daddy got some scolding from his daughter Bradlee Rae Hayes the last time he left the toilet seat up.

You will notice from the video that little Bradlee is still unsure of some words and the syntax of the English language, but this is what makes her even more endearing!

With a very diplomatic approach the girl explains that she finds her dad leaving the toilet seat up unacceptable and won’t tolerate any excuse.

Jeremiah was cornered by his daughter to be lectured on bathroom etiquette.

“How many times do I have to tell you when you put the (unrecognizable) up and I tell you put down for me when I go tee-tee?” asked Bradlee. “Why do you keep doing that?”

This is a truly valid question, dad. She had told you one time before. Maybe many times. Why do you disobey the young lady?


“Well, I mean, you just have to put it down,” responds her father.

And it is here that she bites. Her father is trying to lure her into a dialogue since she is the most adorable little diplomat of all times!

“But, I don’t want to!” says Bradlee.

Honestly, this is a sound argument for me. Absolutely legit. She doesn’t want to and that’s it, dad! You have to do it!

“I just want you to do it when you are there for you!”

This is also a sound logic.

Why wouldn’t dad put the toilet sit down when he is already there instead of leaving it up and causing additional work for Bradlee? Why, dad? Why?

“Oh, so you want me to lift it up and put it down?” her dad asks.

“Yeah!” says Bradlee.

I am glad we got that out of the way.

“And you don’t want to do anything?” asks Jeremiah.

It is at this point that Bradlee resorts to her argumentative skills and pragmatic reasoning. This is psychology 101.

“When you are done with the potty when big girl, one girl come in and they need go tee-tee or poo-poo!”

So, what’s she is saying is that since we all have to share one bathroom and since we use it in different manner, it would be just appropriate and gentlemanly from men to put the toilet sit down once they are finished.

Since big girl might come in after them and she might wanna go tee-tee or poo-poo. That’s some inspirational diplomatic vocabulary right there.

“Oh, okay,” says dad.


“So, you gotta put down for the girls,” concludes Bradlee.


Source:Caters Clips

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