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A Dad’s Funny Doctor Visit With His Adorable Son


“No love is greater than that of a father for his son ” – Dan Brown

World, meet this adorable baby boy from Georgia, USA.


And his dad Antwon Lee. He is a who father loves his son unconditionally, and they’ve been best buddies ever since Debias was born this past August.


However, sometimes in life, fathers have to put on their parenting caps. Just like Antwon did last month when his son Debias was getting his vaccinations.


A very emotional video about Debias getting the shots in the doctor’s office has gone viral. His dad is by his side all the time, holding his hand and trying to comfort and soothe the little guy. You can almost feel this fathers empathy and love for his son.

“We’re going to get these shots; I want you to look at me now, you’re gonna be good.” seeing Antwon reassuring  his son is the most adorable thing ever.

“I know you’re gonna cry,” Antwon tells him. “But it’s OK to cry. It’ll be OK. It’s OK to cry.”

The touching and soul-stirring video turns to laughs at about the 1:20 mark when Debias is actually getting the shots: “Man, I know, man!” Antwon says, hugging a shrieking Debias. “Are you videotaping this?” the medical professional says, laughing. “I hope you are.”

It’s amazing how Antwon cradles Debias until he calms down.

First, the young father posted the video on his Facebook page, but after a friend encouraged him to make it public, the video went viral. Soon the video had 15 million views and 199,000 likes, along with tens of thousands of comments and shares by Wednesday morning. Even “Good Morning America” featured the video on its Facebook page as well.

A lot of people left approving and supportive comments on the video, especially fathers. They were positively surprised to see a father who is not afraid to express his vulnerability and his love for his son.

“I didn’t expect it to blow up like this, to be honest with you,” Antwon explains. “I didn’t even know my girlfriend was videoing it.”


“It feels peaceful,” Antwon, a first-time dad, says of fatherhood. “It’s been beautiful. I got me a beautiful, peaceful baby.”

Also, the father states that the baby usually doesn’t cry : “He don’t cry unless he wants his ball,” the dad says with a laugh.

Share image: Antwon Lee.
From: upworthy

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