The Daily Dose Of Love We All Need To Keep Us Going!

The Daily Dose Of Love We All Need To Keep Us Going!


Two-year old Sophia Benner unknowingly sent a message of love and racial tolerance to grown up people with an innocent, unaware gesture.

A Facebook post of a blonde little girl hugging her black-skinned doll went viral after the world got acquainted with the young miss and her story. Her mother, Brandi Benner relieved her story in the Facebook post’s caption.

Namely, Sophia had recently learned to go pee pee in a potty and her mommy thought that she was deserving of a prize.

They hit the local Target, Sophia chose a doll and headed to the closest cashier. It was here where things started to get worrisome.

The cashier asked Sophia whether she was going to attend a birthday party. Both Sophia and her mom had no idea what prompted that question, standing there with a blank stare.

The mother explained that the doll was a prize for Sophia, since she had recently become fully potty trained.

“Are you sure this is the doll you want, honey?” asked the cashier.

“Yes, please!” answered Sophia.

“But she doesn’t look like you. We have lots of other dolls that look more like you,” responded the cashier.

It was at this point that the mom realized the direction towards where this conversation was being headed.
Just as she was about to say something, Sophia spoke: “Yes, she does. She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor. And I’m a pretty girl and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?”

It was at this point that the cashier retracted and greeted them goodbye.

“This experience just confirmed my belief that we aren’t born with the idea that color matters,” wrote Brandi Benner.

And indeed, ignorance and racial bigotry are constructed concepts that are inherited via education i.e the lack of it! More than 250,000 who read and shared the post and responded positively to it, know this all too well!
And it’s kids who are the most innocent and loving creatures on this Earth. We should definitely learn from them, not vice versa!

Facebook user Badia Thomas commented: “You guys are doing a great job with her! Kids always get their beliefs from their parents so Hats Off to You!”

Brandi wrote another post altogether to thank the thousands who reached them via Facebook and commended them on the way they raised their kid!

“Our family has received so much love, support and encouragement from complete strangers and that is just proof to me that there is SO MUCH good in the world.”

Sophia, you rock! Cashier lady and people like her: boo!


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