Daiquiri Colored Sunset Inspired Eye Shadow Tutorial

Daiquiri Colored Sunset Inspired Eye Shadow Tutorial


Daisy Marquez is a self-taught makeup artist and vlogger and in this tutorial, she is taking us through her daiquiri like sunset tutorial.

1. Prime

Daisy starts by priming her face with the Smashbox Water Primer. Apply foundation. She uses the HourGlass Stick Foundation. Blend with a makeup sponge.


Conceal whatever marks you have on your chin and lighten up the dark circles under your eyes. Highlight the cheeks, the chin and an inch above the eyebrows. Set the face with a translucent powder.

tutorial 1

Contour the cheeks. Make sure you blend well. She proceeds to blush her cheeks with the Milani Blush.

2. Eye Shadow

For this particular look, we are going to use the Take Me To Brazil Palette. The eye imitates a vividly purple-orange sunset, one that you would only see lounging by the ocean.

Start with a yellow shade. Work well into the crease. Build the color layer by layer until you have reached the desired hue. Next, go in with the orange shade and slightly drag it a bit up, but not too much.

tutorial 2

Apply some eye primer on your lid. This will act as a base to the purple shade that we are about to apply.

tutorial 3

Apply the purple magenta color on top of the primed spot. The purple pops out with the help of the primer! Blend in as well as you can so you can help create a natural gradient between the colors. Just like how a real sunset would look!

tutorial 4

Define the eye with an eyeliner. Use fake lashes to open the eye and make the color pop!

tutorial 5

3. Finish

Highlight and blush the cheeks once more. Line the lips and use some lipstick to color them just slightly.


Check out the video for Daisy’s full instructions.

Source:Daisy Marquez

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