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Dallas Couple Is Facing A $1M Lawsuit After Publicly Shaming Their Wedding Photographer


In plain English: a wedding is a big deal, which is why the event needs to be witnessed by family members and friends and it has to be photographed so the memories exist in physical forms and are always around.


And to make sure the wedding day is as special as it gets, a lot of meticulous planning that requires a ton of money is sometimes required.  The cake, the invitations, the venue, the dress; it all needs to be planned in great detail.


It all went wrong for Andrew and Neely Moldovan after a dispute regarding a wedding photograph contract was settled in court.

The Dallas couple’s photos were taken by photographer Andrea Polito back in 2014 and they weren’t a very well matched couple by the looks of it.


“After the wedding day, Andrew and Neely Moldovan requested high resolution pictures from their marriage, only to be reminded that their contract stated that the couple must first “submit an order form for their wedding album, which would include a cover photo that could cost $125”, Polito told Time.


The Moldovans then took to social media to diss Polito’s photography services, and whichever way you look at it, they got a pretty unwanted deal: Polito filed a lawsuit against them.

Polito stated that all the couple had to do is fill out a form regarding their preferences for wedding photos; she even said she offered to forgo the cost of the album’s cover image when she learned of the couple’s malcontent at not receiving the pictures.


The lawsuit that was filed against them has Polito claim that they “burned her business to the ground;”.

On Friday, a country jury in Dallas ruled unanimously in favour of the photographer, finding Andrew and Neely Moldovan guilty of “defamation and malicious intent”, according to Time. The charge is currently a hefty $1 million, and whether or not the Moldovans will appeal to the decision is so far unknown.

Source: CBSDFW

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