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Size Doesn’t Matter When You Can Blow Audiences Away With Impressive Dancing Moves


According to most people, a dancer has to be skinny, look like a model and be in shape but that’s just a stereotype. John Lindo is not a dancer but he does have the moves. He is an example of how you should never judge a book by its cover.


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When you look at John you’ll see that he is not skinny. But after you see his moves, you will definitely see his talent. He enjoyed proving people wrong all this time.

John is very successful dancing in country-western style but he won a ton of championship after he discovered that he had a talent with West Coast Swing circuit too. He won the first place at the U.S Open, Grand Nationals and the Phoenix Champion of Champions.

This is a true example to not let stereotypes stop you from doing things in life. You do what you want to do, where you think you fit in. Don’t ever let society put restrictions in your head.


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Down below, you have a video of John showing his incredible dancing skills.


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He is seen dancing with his partner Deborah Szekely where the pair ended up winning the first place. Everyone was enjoying their dance and you can clearly see why.


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Check out the video down below and enjoy!

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