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Dark-Skinned Moms Give Birth To White Babies And They Are ‘One In A Million’ Cases


Giving birth is a totally stressful event for some mothers, especially if you are giving birth to your first child. Often times, you write ten birth plans, but eventually, something totally different happens. The unexpected things are not always bad, luckily. Here are some funny illustrations of expectations vs. reality in terms of childbirth. For these mothers, their babies’ looks and skin color was a total shock.

Catherine is a dark-colored woman of Nigerian heritage, while her partner Richard is white. It turned out that her kid is one-in-a-million, literally. In 2014, 32-year-old Catherine Howarth gave birth to her son Jonah. Normally, you would expect for the boy to have a mix of their complexions, but, contrary to this, Jonah’s skin presents as white. Geneticists commented on how rare such occurrences are, and have suggested Catherine might have had white ancestors she is totally unaware of.

Source: The Howarths

Having a white partner probably triggered these white-presenting genes within Catherine, thus resulting in the strongly white-presenting features of her son. Earlier this year, against almost impossible odds, the Howarths welcomed another child – this time a white baby girl called Sophia.

Black mother gives birth to a white baby in 1,000,000 to 1 odds

Another mixed race couple experienced a similar fate like the above-mentioned family. 36-year-old Patience Chando is a mother-of-three with Zimbabwean heritage. She moved to Hanover, Germany to be with her partner, 49-year-old Andreas Spillea. He is white and German. Patience had two daughters from a previous relationship before welcoming her first child with Andreas. Baby Andrea Mariella came in April. Since Andrea was born, Patience says the pair are stopped wherever they go. This is due to Andrea’s striking complexion. She has auburn hair and blue eyes, unlike her mother’s black hair and brown eyes.

Black mother gives birth to a white baby in 1,000,000 to 1 odds

“I couldn’t believe it. Her skin was too white when she was born, I was sure it would tone down, which happens sometimes, but it hasn’t. I’m her biological mother and I’m black. I’m running out of things to say to people. She’s the centre of attraction.”

Geneticists have again theorised that Patience could possibly have white ancestors. However, she says she has traced her ancestry and this is not the case. Dr Bryce Mendelsohn, a medical geneticist at the University of California, has explained that this could still be possible. He claims: “people of African descent have traces of European in their ancestry, especially from populations with many geographic origins, so that could be the case here”.


Regardless of complexion, these families are beyond happy and gorgeous!

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