Lovely Daughter Makes Her Dad Instagram Celebrity, Doesn't Stop There

Lovely Daughter Makes Her Dad Instagram Celebrity, Doesn’t Stop There


The internet is like a huge, worldwide celebrity arena. Everyone gets their 5 minutes of fame, or, more precisely, everyone is fighting hard to get it. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… But luckily enough, not all is motivated only by pure vanity and self-interest. Sometimes, some people try to do something for others. And this is one such story.

It brought fame to Bill Young, but not because he himself asked for it. One could say he deserved it. Did he?

Bill has a very busy life, being the busy, hardworking father of a lovely daughter. He travels a lot, and a big part of his job is comprised of Bill staying at different hotels. But he also has a love for photography, a hobby which he decided to make compatible with his work obligations. So, one day, Bill started taking photos of all the unique hotel carpets he came across during his travels… After all, it’s what he was surrounded with, most of the time!

So he couldn’t help but notice the intricate beauty of some of these, which made him open an Instagram account, called My Hotel Carpet. His intro is pretty spot on too, saying: “I travel for a living. Stay in a lot of hotels. See a lot of carpet”.

Ain’t that the truth.

So far, so good, right? Everything seems rather… Normal. But this is where daughter Jill comes in, doing her magic. One day she decided to help her dad a little, and posted a single tweet, saying: “All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen”.

Having just a few hundred followers, neither Jill nor Bill thought much would change – after all, Jill has only 755 followers even now. But, her tweet exploded, getting more than 24 thousand faves and almost 9 thousand retweets, and Bill’s Instagram suddenly went from just 125 followers, to, get this… 527.000 followers overnight!

But Jill doesn’t stop there, her next goal is getting her dad appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, so she tried her magic once more, tweeting:

“This is amazing! If y’all get my dad on @TheEllenShow I’ll get him to do a dramatic slam poem about hotel carpet with me!”

Thanks to Bored Panda, we got our paws on those pretty hotel carpet shots. So just scroll down and enjoy more of this sweet family! Go team JillBill!

This is Jill Young, a daughter any dad would like to have


It all started with one ordinary tweet…


Wanting to get some recognition for her dad’s unique Instagram hobby.


Bill is a photographer with a weird but cool hobby


He takes photos of carpet designs he finds in various hotels





And boy did the magic work!


He went from 125 followers, to a whopping 375,000 in one night


He has since DOUBLED that!


Their next stop? The Ellen DeGeneres Show!


Good luck guys!

Source: boredpanda

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