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Daughter Updates Her Mother’s Dress For Her Wedding Day, The Result Is Just… Wow


Saving your family traditions will always make you feel special especially on your wedding day. It doesn’t matter if it is a fashion statement or a music selection during the reception, the bride and groom can always incorporate their family lineage into the special day. Through details, big or small.

Moms are always the most sensitive when it comes to their daughter getting married. But what made Shannon McNamara very emotional was to see her daughter Caroline walk out in a wedding dress on Rachael Ray, because it was Shannon’s dress.

Of course that every mom shares the reaction when they first see their child but this situation called for extra tears. It all started when Caroline got engaged and Shannon couldn’t help but look for her own wedding dress that she had tucked away.

She handed it to her bride-to-be daughter but it still needed some changes to make it more modern. When hearing about this story, Rachael Ray had to bring the pair onto the show and help Caroline update the vintage piece into the dress of her dreams.

Racheal’s team worked with Caroline to transform the parts of the garment and to preserve the vintage elements that she loved about the dress. Is there seriously a better mix? In the studio you can see Shannon waiting for her daughter to come out and see what her old wedding dress looks like. She seems so excited.

wedding 1

After she sees her own daughter, she can’t help but burst into tears.

“It’s stunning, it looks so her. It looks so much more like her.”

You will have to look the video below to see the transformation. Speechless.


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