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David Beckham Humiliates His 17-Year-Old Son During Instagram Livestream


No child is spared the ‘dad joke’ invasion. Not even David Beckham’s children.

The face of a dad that’s almost 41 being driven around by his little boy ( not so little ) 🚗 ❤️ @brooklynbeckham

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Family jokes and trolling are always fun. Remember when you were a kid, and you would ask your dad for some advice on your crush and he’ll turn it into a joke? Yeah, those types of things.

I think it’s safe to say that the head of the Beckham household, David Beckham, has schooled his kids on the dog-eat-dog ways of the world, like they said in Unilad.

But still, the 41-year-old former professional soccer player knows how to have fun, like this time when he trolled one of his sons while the guy was doing an Instagram live stream.

David Beckham Trolls Son 1

17-year-old Brooklyn is the oldest of the four Beckham children. He went live on Instagram a couple of days ago to chat to his fans, when he received several comments from his dad.

Yes, his dad. You can see the verified checkmark next to David Beckham’s name.

Even celebrities make embarrassing parents. This, in case you said ‘OMG MOM, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND’ and ‘I wish Posh Spice was my mom.’ Well, newsflash, if Victoria Beckham was your mom, then David Beckham would be your dad, and you’d suffer dad jokes anyway. Like poor Brooklyn here.

The first comment he posted was “U should be at school”, and as you would expect, people from all around the web lost their marbles.

David Beckham Trolls Son 2

Just look how well it fits above that ‘SO HANDSOME’ comment by a fan.

But it didn’t stop there either.

Beckham Senior continued to criticize his son, going further to say “That’s my shirt”.

For an aspiring model and budding photographer like Brooklyn, not always a good idea.

David Beckham Trolls Son 3

But still, if I had a dad that was voted most stylish man in the world multiple times, it wouldn’t hurt to “borrow” some of his trademark style.

It’s going to take more than a fire extinguisher to calm down a burn like David lit during his son’s Instagram live stream. But if we’re being real here, it’s all good fun.


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