A Day's Work: Her Majesty The Queen

A Day’s Work: Her Majesty The Queen

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36.7 million people tuned in to see the holy matrimony of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton that took place on April 29, 2011.

This number only shows the impact the Royal Family made in popular culture as well. Be that as it may, there are literally thousands around the world who adore them.

To be fair, what fascinates me the most are the tiaras that several of the Princesses wore at certain events.  However, I realize I don’t know much about the actual family and their broader function in the socio-political life of the United Kingdom.

Really, what do the Royals actually do?

Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born April 21st, 1926 is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She became the heir presumptive in 1936 and undertook to her public duties around the Second World War. Becoming Queen at only 25 years old, she is officially the longest reigning monarch in British History.

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Her duties, referred to as ‘engagements’, revolve around hosting and management of events with political and cultural character, patronage, support and encouragement of achievements etc. Visiting countries overseas and hosting visiting Heads of State are also among her main activities. All of her engagements up to this day are neatly summarized in an official record called the Court Circular.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to check what did the Queen do at 2nd of May, 2015.

Turns out, she attended the Amalgamation Parade of The Queen’s Royal Lancers and 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) to form The Royal Lancers. She was received with a Royal Salute and inspected the two Regiments. At the end of the ceremony, The Royal Lancers marched past Her Majesty.

In addition, during that same year she managed to carry out 306 engagements in the UK and 35 abroad.

What Is Her Power?

The Royal Prerogative regulates Her Majesty’s powers. It is a set of powers held by the Queen and re-enacted as a part of the British Constitution.

Moreover, she can appoint and remove ministers who exercise her powers on her behalf. She is the one to appoint the Prime Minister after a General Election has been held.

She is the one to dismiss and summon back to work the Parliament as well as to grant assent to bills of Parliament, signing them into law.

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Allegiance To Our Queen

In a highly entertaining article in the Business Insider, journalist Rob Price gives a comprehensive list of some of the Queen’s subjects and possessions. She owns all the unmarked swans in the River Thames. Of the remaining members of the aquatic world of Britain, she also has sovereignty over ‘the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters around the UK’.

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Her Family

The Queen has four children. Her children and her nieces and nephews come from all walks of life and lead interesting lives themselves.

For instance, her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales is widely known for his marriage with Lady Diana Spencer. Together they had two sons: Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Charles was an avid player of competitive polo until 1992. His sister, Anne, Princess Royal is a former Olympic athlete. She was a part of the 1976 British equestrian team. Princess Beatrice of York, her niece from her son Prince Andrew, Duke of York, used to work as a coordinating producer at Sony Pictures in 2014.


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