Woman Honors The Death Of Her Fiancee With A Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot


Hannah Darr was set to marry her childhood love, Layne Merriweather, on June 17th of this year, but he was tragically killed in a car accident of February 5th, aged just 23

Woman Honors The Death Of Her Fiancee With A Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot 1

The 23-year-old from Fairview, Oklahoma (a small midwestern US state) teamed up with photographer Holly Gannett to create an emotional photoshoot to honor Layne’s untimely death.

Woman Honors The Death Of Her Fiancee With A Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot 2

The photos feature Hannah stood beside a semi-transparent Layne, and just looking through these photos, I feel like grabbing my box of tissues.


Hannah wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters, ‘My house is full of all my wedding decorations just waiting for my wedding day that will never come.’

‘Even though I will never get a wedding with him, I wanted to at least have a picture of him with me in my dress to […] remember him as my future husband,’ Hannah told the Huffington Post.

In the photoshoot, Hannah donned her wedding dress and went to the riverside where Layne originally proposed, and she can also be seen holding a bouquet and smiling through tears.

In one image, she holds a chalkboard with the phrase, ‘remember the love, not the loss,’ written out in cursive.


These two knew each other ever since they were children, and by freshmen year of high school, they became a couple.


They attended college together, dated for six years and then he finally proposed to her in April of 2016.


Hannah said the photos instantly reminded her of a dream she had in which, ‘I was wandering around in my wedding dress completely lost and helpless with tears spilling down my face, blurring my vision.’

As Hannah wrote on Love What Matters, the dream soon transformed into a vision of Layne, who told her ‘Baby girl, quit crying! You look beautiful. You are so strong. I know you can do this!’

‘When I saw this picture Holly Gannett captured, I instantly thought of that dream and tears streamed down my face,’ Hannah said, and the resemblance is certainly clear.

Grieving is a long and emotion-wrecking process. Honest hats off to Hannah for staying strong through the loss and honoring her fiancee in such a beautiful and heartfelt way.


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