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Guess Who Is The December Volunteer of the Month: Santa Claus


Santa Claus embodies the spirit of Christmas every December.  But the idea of giving and helping those less fortunate than you, being kind with everyone should last the whole year, not only this month.


Santa himself is the perfect example of generosity. He brings gifts and joy to all the kids around the world not expecting anything in return. Let’s not forget the cookies, of course.

The jolly, gift-giving North Pole resident has been named The Question’s December Volunteer of the month.


He was nominated by his lead elf Whistler, Mari Ann Collishaw from the Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium.

“He is always giving and making people happy and he does it for no other reason than that it makes them happy,” she said.

“He’s good through and through and we just want to recognize that he’s always on. People only see Santa once a year, but he’s giving 365 days a year.”

Let’s not forget that!

North Pole.

He also has a the special ability to be present everywhere at the same time.

“I can be everywhere,” he explained. “Through the magic of Christmas, I can be doing it all.”

Kids in Whistler are so happy because they will have the opportunity to meet with him and also take pictures with the big guy.

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