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Some Decided Not To Support Rose McGowan’s #WomenBoycottTwitter

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In case you’ve been to the Moon, you may not have heard about the long Hollywood secret finally revealed. Many women stood up against Harvey Weinstein, accusing him of sexual harassment in the past weeks. 44-year-old actress Rose McGowan went to publically accuse him of raping her. The New Yorker previously reported on three other rape allegations, lodged by Lucia Evans, Italian actress Asia Argento and one anonymous source. After McGowan went to Twitter to accuse him on October 12, the platform temporarily suspended her account as she allegedly violated its rules. Then, she took an even stronger action. On Thursday, October 12, she started a 24-hour Twitter boycott and many celebrities also suspended their Twiter accounts on Friday only to support her. But not everyone decided to support her.

McGowan decided to be incredibly vocal about the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations. This happened after The New York Times reported that she received a settlement from the Hollywood executive following an incident in a hotel. So, she shared through her Instagram account that Twitter has suspended her.

Apparently, she had a number written in her Tweet, so Twitter couldn’t allow that. After that, many people broke loose and started supporting her.


Source: Instagram | @rosemcgowan

Then, her account was unblocked a few hours later. She tweeted this in response.


Source: Twitter | @rosemcgowan

To show support for Rose McGowan and other victims of harassment, software engineer Kelly Ellis came up with the idea for #WomenBoycottTwitter. She wanted to protest women’s voices being silenced.


Source: Twitter | @justkelly_ok

Rose tweeted her response as well, calling for men to support her as well.


Source: Twitter | @rosemcgowan

Elizabeth Banks alo joined them.


Source: Twitter | @ElizabethBanks

Chrissy Teigen is one of the many who also took part in the boycot, adding it might be longer than just one day.


Source: Twitter | @chrissyteigen

McGowan’s former Charmed costar, Alyssa Milano, said she will won’t log onto Twitter for the day.


Source: Twitter | @Alyssa_Milano

Men wanted to be a part of this, too. Actor Mark Ruffalo also joined the protest.


Source: Twitter | @MarkRuffalo

There are many people, however, who are wondering why the boycott is happening now. They also explain that there have been women of color who did not receive this type of response when faced with similar backlash on Twitter.

Director Ava DuVernay asked that white women acknowledge that women of color have not received similar recognition when dealing with the same issues.


Source: Twitter | @ava

Additionally, some are wondering where the boycotts were for Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones when she was attacked with racist tweets.


Source: Twitter | @rissaoftheway

Next, writer and actress Rachel Leishman questioned where this type of support was for Leslie Jones and Jemele Hill. The latter was suspended from her job at ESPN for calling on people to boycott advertisers of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


Source: Twitter | @RachelLeishman

The founder and editor-in-chief of This Week in Blackness, Elon James White, asked black women what they thought of the boycott.


Source: Twitter | @elonjames

As it turns out, women of color may have been discriminated.


Source: Twitter | @ShanelleLittle 

Here‘s another actress accusing Harvey of sexual harassment.

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