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It’s Time To Decorate Your Beard For The Holiday Season


The holiday season is almost upon us. For a lot of people, that means chilling by the fireplace with warm socks, the Christmas tree blinking and shining away in the background, and wearing those purposely-called “ugly” Christmas sweaters.

But what if you don’t want to wear those ugly sweaters because they’re… well… ugly? Well, if you have a bushy, well-groomed beard, there’s a solution for you!

Beardaments, a company that I imagine was started by someone quite crazy, because they literally sell ornaments for your beard, have now released a set of 12 Christmas Facial Hair Baubles, so your beard doesn’t have to feel left out of the festivities this season.

Instagram | @beardamentsofficial

Each one of these decorative items is equipped with a small clip that ensures they stay safely on your facial hair.

Instagram | @beardamentsofficial

And to make things even better, they’re even quite reasonably priced!

The pack of 12 beardaments starts at $11.99 (give or take around $1 per beardament) and there’s free shipping across the entire US.

Even though they’re well priced, I still think you’d need to have a lot of extra cash to spare in order to justify buying some ornaments for your beard.


You can also shop for different-colored beard ornaments through Asos!

Fizz Creations is selling a pack of nine multicolored ornaments for $13.


Would you buy a set of baubles and turn your beard into a Christmas tree? Personally, I would go the extra mile and dye it green to make it even more festive! But that’s just me. Either way, let us know in the comments!

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