Deep Tragedy Moves Overweight Woman To Action

Deep Tragedy Moves Overweight Woman To Action


The Oprah Show in 2005 featured two twin sisters with a peculiar story: one of them was overweight.

But this was not a little overweight. Mary weighed 420, making her 300 pounds heavier than her twin sister. Needless to say, this was making her feel awful.

Mary and Ruth looked a lot alike until the age of 11.

“Sizes started changing; I was heavier, she was skinnier…” said Mary. “She was the perfect twin, and I wasn’t.”

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On top of that, both her sister and her son were quite worried and somewhat embarrassed.

Her sister even went on to say that she would “rather starve, than look like my sister.”

Her son, on the other hand, was coming from a different angle. He was awfully worried that she might die and was hurting because, due to her being overweight, they couldn’t spend quality time together.

“My mom eats a lot and it makes me feel really mad at her, cause she knows she can take control of what she puts in her mouth…” said Mary’s son.

“Since my mom is obese and big, she can’t play, or she can’t ride rides with us…”

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Fast forward 6 years, Mary did lose weight. However, in a very unfortunate turn of events.

Her son, Chris, lost his life in 2011. He died in a car accident and he was only 19 at that time.

In a 2014 segment of Oprah: Where Are They Now we see an update of the situation.

Remembering the consequences of her sons’s death and how they affected her, Mary says: “I’ve sat for a year and a half at the side of my bed, just trying to figure it out…”

Ruth was beside Mary the whole time, but couldn’t really do anything to ease her pain.

Then, one day, Mary came to her senses.

“I stood up, and I said enough is enough.”

Mary decided to leave her bed and do something about her weight, heeding her son’s wishes. Her son’s death was the thing that moved her, figuratively and literally from the vicious circle she was entrapped in for many years.

Sometimes, betterment and progress comes from a very dark place. Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom first.

She started exercising and managing her everyday diet.

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“I love working out”

She lost almost 130 pounds.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, please start today! Do not wait for something unfortunate to move you to take actions!


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