Need To Defrost Your Windshield? Check Out This Weatherman’s Hack

Need To Defrost Your Windshield? Check Out This Weatherman’s Hack


One of your worst nightmares? Having to unfreeze your car on an arctic winter morning. Unless… You knew this hack! Ha! Take that, nightmare AKA winter morning routine!

I mean just LOOK at this. This is no way to live!


And no, I’m not referring to the hellish activity of scraping ice off your car’s windows! The sound itself is making the hairs on my neck bristle, you know, like that annoying sound when someone’s dragging a chalk on a school board. UGH. No one should be waking up to those kinds of sounds!

Besides, scraping the ice like that (yuck again!) is terribly uncomfortable, inefficient and time-consuming. Why do it? You deserve something better, you anonymous person-reader!

But, it seems that the long wait for salvation is finally over. And we all owe it to one ordinary weatherman, who discovered the easy hack quite by chance.

But what is he doing?


The hero’s name is… Wait for it. Ken Weathers. And he’s a weatherman from Tennessee. Coincidence much? I think not, but clearly a case of divine intervention!

Anyways, Ken Weatherman here uploaded a video on YouTube showing him spraying his frozen windshield with what appears to be some kind of spray. The ice on the window, thank the Heavens, appears to melt right away, in the blink of an eye!

So what did Ken Weatherman, the weatherman, spray?

He says it’s super cheap to make, and the ingredients are basic household items.


I didn’t pick this particular still for nothing, so on to the actual recipe. All you need for the miracle homemade antifreeze concoction is 1 part regular tap water, mixed with 2 parts isopropyl (AKA rubbing alcohol). Finally, all you need to do is pour the liquid into a spray bottle and get unfreezing your poor car.

The catch here is the ludicrous freezing point of rubbing alcohol – it’s minus 182 degrees. That means it will never be so cold so as to freeze the alcohol! Which is why this works. Or should – I still need to try it.

Remember: 1 part water and 2 parts alcohol.


Okay, that concludes today’s lesson. Hopefully, it will end those nightmares involving freezing wintry mornings. For a refresher of the lesson, see the video below where hero Ken Weatherman explains the hack.

Got it? Good. Good luck, soldier!

Source: Ken Weathers
From: auntyacid

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