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An Easy To Follow Recipe For Some Delicious Homemade Meatless Fajitas


As difficult as it may seem, anyone can learn how to cook. I mean, it’s not exactly difficult to boil a pot of pasta, or fry an egg, is it? Where it might get difficult is when you want to start cooking more exotic stuff, like those aristocratic meat cuts that will cost you a fortune but taste very good.

If you want to experiment with tomorrow’s lunch, we at MetDaan have lined up an easy to follow tutorial on how to prepare a traditional and delicious Tex-Mex classic: fajitas!

Fajitas have been around for a while, and the name originates from the meat cut that was most commonly used to make a fajita in the past, something called a skirt steak. These days, the staple ingredients of fajitas can be one of many different meat cuts, such as chicken, shrimp, lamb or salmon, onions and bell peppers along with other vegetables, and then topped with one of several different condiments (based on preference) such as guacamole, sour cream, or in this case, cheese.

Actually, these particular fajitas we’ve lined up are completely meat free, so if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be able to enjoy them as well!

That’s enough history lessons, this is what you’ll need to prepare these fajitas and how to prepare them.

The ingredients you will need:

  • Red onions
  • An eggplant
  • Some tomato sauce
  • Kidney beans
  • Corn
  • Bell peppers
  • Some olive oil
  • Seasoning (salt and pepper, to taste)
  • Flour tortillas

That’s all you need, and the amount of ingredients depends on your preferred portion size and how many people you’ll be cooking for

Start by heating up the olive oil in a semi-shallow pan


Once the oil has heated up, add the onions


When the onions soften a little bit, add the bell peppers

Whether you pick hot or not is your preference. Add some salt and pepper to taste and mix them around for a bit.


Then proceed to add the eggplant

Cook for a while, then add the corn, kidney beans and continue cooking.

As Gordon Ramsay once said, treat it like a risotto; you can’t stop stirring.


Now it’s time for the fun part: seasoning!

Stir in a bit of garlic and chili powder, and then add the final ingredient, tomato sauce.


At this point, prepare your tortillas

Get as many of them out as you plan to prepare, and spoon over the stuffing on the center of the tortilla.

Then, fold either side of the tortilla over the stuffing, and then fold over the remaining side on top.

Optionally, like we’ve done here, you can layer the top of the tortilla with some cheese, preferably cheddar.


Finally, it’s time to bake

Put your tortillas in a pre-heated oven at 392°F (200°C) and bake them for 8 minutes.

Once they’re done, take them out, serve and enjoy!


And that’s it! You just prepared some delicious homemade vegetarian fajitas! Wasn’t all that difficult, was it?

Were your fajitas successful? Let us know in the comments!

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