Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Bipolar Disorder


The 25-year-old pop star, Demi Lovato, who recently dropped her sixth studio album, opened up in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.
She laid herself bare and spoke about her struggle with drug abuse and her bipolar diagnosis. The former Disney actress is “proud” to be bipolar and is pleased she can help raise awareness about the mood disorder.

She said: “I’m not sick of it. If anything, I’m proud to be bipolar and speak about it. Bipolar is a mood disorder.”


“I deal with mood swings, I deal with episodes of mania, and bipolar-depression phases as well. But I’ve used my voice to help others, and I feel proud that I’ve been able to do that.”, she added.

Moreover, over the years she has been a part of various campaigns that aid people struggling with mental health disorders such as Be Vocal: Speak up for mental Health.


She also spoke of her recovery: “It’s not so much about avoiding drugs and alcohol, because I don’t necessarily put myself in those situations. I don’t go to clubs. It shapes my life in a sense that I do inventories all the time. If I want to flip somebody the bird while driving, I check with myself, like, ‘Why do I want to do that? Why am I impatient right now?’”


Lovato confessed she is working hard to not let her previous addiction affect her life too much.

According to Women’s Health, she was diagnosed with the disorder in 2011 after she went to rehab following a struggle with bulimia, depression and self-harm.


Last year, the singer announced she will take a break from music, the reason being her insecurities…


Still, she buckled up and created a fresh new album titled Tell Me You Love Me, released on Sept. 29.

“Now, I just don’t care. I don’t focus so much on people liking me as much as I just want to do my thing and be a musician.”, she told the Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition, Lovato has an emotional upcoming documentary called Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated. It will air on YouTube Oct. 17, so don’t forget to watch it.


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