Did Demi Lovato Just Throw Shade At Kathy Griffin Following Comedienne’s Teary Apology?


Even though there were no names involved, Demi Lovato did diss someone out Friday on Twitter. And the pop star’s tweet was a response to Kathy Griffin’s tearful apology.

“I find it funny when bullies play the victims,” the singer tweeted.

“Oops. I spilled my tea,” Lovato said in a follow-up tweet.

Her fans were fast enough to connect the dots and figure out it was Kathy Griffin she was referring to. The American stand-up comedian held a press conference on Friday apologizing and explaining for a picture she posted with a fake bloody head of President Donald Trump. During the conference, Kathy called Trump a “bully”. She also accused him of “trying to ruin my life forever.”

Cold blood!


The move was weird if you know the history between the 24-year-old singer and Kathy. Way back in the 2014, when someone asked her on Twitter “who is the biggest douche celebrity you’ve met,” and she said “Debbie Lovato.”

Probably Debbie Lovato Plus she should calm the f down bout Lady Gaga gettin barfed onRT @SamRedgrove: biggest douche celebrity you’ve met?

Demi was fast to reply with: “Only a douche to people I can’t stand.”

Griffin dissed her again after her 2015’s VMA performance accusing her of lip-syncing.


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