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Demi Lovato Recently Got A Lion Tattoo And People Are Judging Her For Being A Copycat

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Famous singer and pop culture icon, Demi Lovato is known and loved worldwide by her fans. She has been very successful in her acting and music career but was also selected as one of the most influential people by Time magazine in 2017.

During a trip to New York, the 24-year-old decided to get a tattoo. Demi shared her new inkage with her Snapchat and Instagram followers but the reaction was mixed.

The tattoo is a lion’s head next to a cross and is positioned on her left hand. She is a Leo and is well known for inspiring confidence and charisma to her lovely fans.  The singer has encouraged women to be proud of their curves and needless to say, she is fearless.

Since she used her voice to raise awareness for societal issues, a lion tattoo seems perfect for what she stands for.


Source: Twist Magazine

But apparently she didn’t get the reaction she wanted. A lot of people were excited for her and liked the tattoo but others took to Twitter and Instagram to express their dissatisfaction.


A lion is a symbol for poise and bravery but her decision to get the tattoo done was judged by some people as unoriginal.


The issue was the belief that she copied the idea from other famous celebrities.


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Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne have also lion tattoos but their placement is different.


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Justin’s tattoo is on his chest while Cara’s tattoo is on the index finger of her left hand. So, people criticized Demi for being a copycat.


Lovato then decided to reach out to the critics to defend her lion tattoo.


Source: Twist Magazine

I don’t get why is it impossible for celebrities to get tattoos that are similar to one another without being criticized. Anyways, we can’t deny that the tattoo looks pretty cool on her.


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