Demi Lovato Finally Releases New Album 'Tell Me You Love Me'

Demi Lovato Finally Releases New Album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’


After a long wait, the 25-year-old diva pop star has finally dropped her sixth studio album titled ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ on Sept. 29.

In spite of her announcement that she will take a break from music, she buckled up and created a fresh new album built upon her previous sounds.

Luckily for her pop fans, whatever phase she was going through is finally over. Now she presented us tracks characterized by a mesmerizing sound and of diverse style. Surely it was worth the wait!


The mental-health and body-positivity advocate broke up with longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama last year.

And now it is more than obvious the new project captures what her newfound single status is like. In an interview for ‘USA Today’, Lovato said: “I’m single, and I’m 25 years old, and I’m living by myself, and so I wanted to write about it.”

Furthermore, she claimed: “I don’t think that any of my songs are necessarily ‘made up.'” She additionally opened up and explained she could relate to all of them through personal experiences. In a word, at times when she would write about people and didn’t want it to sound too obvious, she’d disguise the song a little bit. Lastly, she made a conclusion: “And for the most part, my fans know what’s up.”

In addition, Lovato has an emotional upcoming documentary called ‘Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated’. It will air on YouTube Oct. 17, so don’t forget to watch it.

All things considered, give the songs a listen below:

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