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You Won’t Believe How Demi Lovato’s Little Sister Looks Now

Demi Lovato's Little Sister

Demi Lovato, 24, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is such an inspiration to a lot of people because she has shared a lot of her personal experiences with us. Demi was bullied a lot in high school for being overweight, so she showed us how to be strong, how to be beautiful and most importantly how to be yourself!

If you are already a Demi Lovato fan, you would know by now that she has a younger sister called Madison De La Garza, 15. It is pretty crazy how much her half-sister has started to look like her. They have built a strong bond over the years, and it has been such a pleasure watching them grow in the spotlight.

Every day, more and more, Madison is starting to look like her sister. To see her transformation over the years, check out the pictures down below:

Madison started acting at a very young age. She got her first role on Desperate Housewives when she was only 7 years old.


Madison played Juanita Solis for 4 whole seasons. I guess having Eva Longoria as your mom must have been fun!


Later, she starred on Sonny With A Chance where she played a young Demi.


Don’t you just love them?


Imagine your older sister being a famous singer? You would be like the coolest kid in town.


She is the most awesome person on earth and Madison has learned a lot from her.


When Madison was in school, she always stayed out of the spotlight preferring to be just a regular pre-teen.


Now, Madison is 15 years old and looks better than ever. When I was 14, I looked like an awkward potato.


She is even rocking a “no makeup and curly hair” day.


But have you noticed how much she has started to look like Demi?




Now, Madison is the lead voice of Bibi on Muertoons.


She also finished a film called Caged No More from co-producers of God’s Not Dead.


Watch out for her. If she is just a little like Demi, she’s going places.


Honestly, I can’t believe how much this girl is grown up now.


Sister power!



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