Dentists say: You’ve been brushing your teeth wrong since childhood


We are brushing our teeth every day, several times probably.  Dentists say that we are doing it wrong our entire lives. If you are having a question, how is this possible here is the answer. Recent research shows that in order prevent dental abrasion which is a loss of the enamel tooth structure we have to avoid monotonous circular movements or only back- and- forth movements. The best way to brush our teeth is to combine.


You will have clean, and dazzling smile if you practice the so-called Modified Bass technique. You have to angle your brush at the gum line and move it in a circular motion to clean the plaque at and underneath your gums, then, sweep the brush away from the gums to remove debris. Check the video if you like to see the demonstration of the Modified Bass method and charm the people around you with a healthy smile.

Source:Columbia College Calgary

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