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Have You Designed Your Watermelon Dress Yet? Follow The Juiciest Trend This Summer

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Have you put on your watermelon dress this summer? Wait, what? Since when are watermelon dresses a trend? Apparently, since Twitter and Instagram took this fruit to the cutest possible level. You are doing summer fashion totally wrong if you haven’t tried the latest watermelon trend. No, it’s not a colorful dress, but a dress made of watermelon. Watermelon lovers, brace yourselves! Are you ready to get the utmost creativity out of you? All you need to do is “dress” yourself or your loved one in a crafty dress-like watermelon piece and post it on the social media!

This is how it works. People cut out a piece of watermelon in the shape of a dress, any type they want, and then superimpose it on an image of themselves so it makes them look like they’re wearing a watermelon dress. You do need someone to hold that dress for you, and this is how people have made so many great-looking pictures. They are so cute it makes me sad for the watermelon that is going to be eaten afterwards. Men, women, and children have tried them on, and they look absolutely fabulous!

Some look like princesses with their dresses!

Let’s admit. They’re perfect for summer-themed Instagram shots.

Can you believe how cute is this little one, starting to explore the world just now?

Some people kept it simple.

While others made some fancier designs.

Others took it to Renaissance paintings.

Children fell in love with the trend as well!

The perfect place to be.

Even some celebrities found the trend funny.

It’s a wonderful world to live in!

Eat more watermelons, and don’t forget to design your special dress!


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