Designer Dad Creates Disney-Inspired Dresses For His Kids And They Look Too Good To Be Real


Nephi Garcia will have his hands full before Halloween. This  32-year-old California-based designer creates the most fantastic  Disney-inspired costumes for his kids!
Long story short: Nephi’s 6-year-old daughter Lili asked if she can wear a costume during the family trip to the Disney World park. Most fathers would agree and then go to the nearest shop and buy a costume. But this dad went to his studio and hand-made a fantastic Fairy Godmother costume for her. Since then Nephi has made a full collection of dresses,  from Belle to Alice the Wonderland, they all look like a real fairy tale. No wonder he gets tons of orders.

Check out this Belle gown.


This dad can make dreams come true


And Lili loves it


Isn’t this a couture design?


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