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Devastated Bride Thinks Her First Dance Is Ruined Then She Has The Surprise Of Her Life


There is no feeling like the feeling of being someone’s princess. Especially if it’s the day you are becoming someone’s bride. And while most weddings resemble one another to the point of cliche, there are some exceptions that the world really needs to see.

This is one such exception.

Brad Hewitt was marrying former Sports Illustrated model Melissa Baker, and boy did he marry her in style! This video uploaded on March 15, 2016, has gone viral for a good reason. There aren’t many grooms that could manage to pull this one off.

The couple decided to have their first dance to ‘Like There’s No Yesterday’.  A song by Melissa’s favorite singer, country star Mark Wills.

bride 1

This is the moment that every couple remembers for the rest of their lives but something went awry and the song was cut short. Melissa was distraught, Brad calmed her down. The interruption was caused by the Emcee announcing the live version of the song instead.

The band kicked off Melissa’s favorite tune once more. The bride danced with her back turned to the stage, she thought that ‘Like There’s No Yesterday’ was being played by the band they’d booked for the wedding.

Yet there was something suspicious about that voice,… and when the guests started murmuring louder and louder, Melissa turned to the stage and screamed in shock.


And there he was, her favorite artist Mark Wills in person, singing the song she loves most on one of the most important nights of her life.

Is that unique and goosebump-worthy romantic, or what? Check out the full video below for an emotional rollercoaster you will make you believe in love.

Source:Selectivesoundjs, littlethings

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