8 Basic Difference Between A Fake And A Genuine Person

Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by positive, genuine and trustworthy people, right? But, the borderline between those who are faking it and people with real values can sometimes be almost invisible, making it really difficult to identify those who are in your life for all the wrong reasons.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is, are the people you know actually what they portray themselves to be?


To be able to separate the fake from genuine people easier, check out this invaluable advice, courtesy of Providr.

1. Respectful vs. Condescending

A person with genuine character will always take people’s feelings into consideration, offering respect and empathy. Also, they will do everything to make people comfortable no matter the situation, whereas fake people respect only people in power, in order to gain something from them.


2. Seeking no recognition vs. Needing recognition

When a person with a fake personality has helped you in some way, they will tell everyone and their cousin about it because they seek recognition. However, genuine people would do everything in their power to make you happy and won’t go out of their way for recognition.


3. Hidden vs. Spotlight

Of course, fake people would be the ones who always want to be in the center of attention. They crave to be in the spotlight because they need to feel like the world revolves around them. On the opposite side, genuine people actually love to be alone and in their comfort zone.


4. Humble vs. Conceited

Genuine people always like to talk about other people’s achievements, while staying humble about their own. And you would never notice them showing off. On the other side, fake individuals seek attention and that’s why they constantly brag about what they’ve done.


5. In front of you Vs. Behind your back

A genuine person will not have hidden motives and they would always tell everything they have to your face. The people that have fake personality, however, would be more cowardly when it comes to confronting you. They usually show you their fake smile, but then gossip behind your back.


6. Walk vs. Talk

Unlike a fake person, a genuine individual would always do everything in their power to fulfill what they promised. If they don’t, you won’t hear excuses. But, the list of excuses that a fake person would offer will be long and familiar.


7. Imperfection vs. Perfection

Fake individuals always look for one’s flaws and mistakes, craving imperfection so they can criticize people. Unlike them, genuine individuals are more open to learning new things from people they admire. They are aware they are imperfect and don’t expect perfection from others, either.


8. No ulterior motives vs. Ulterior Motives

Individuals with fake personality usually lead their life with the quid pro quo tactic, always expecting the favor they did for you in return. On the other side, a genuine person would happily help you out expecting nothing in return. Just your content face.


Source: providr