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A Different Tutorial For 10 Everyday Braided Hairstyles

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And now for something completely different. How many tutorials for braided hairstyles you have seen? We bet more than a few. And if we are all completely honest with each other, most of them are indistinguishable from one another. In general, most internet tutorials follow similar patterns, with many even copying expressions, music and content from previous successful ones in an attempt to gather more views.

Luckily, there are always exceptions from any rule, even though (or perhaps because) it is someone’s first attempt at hairstyle tutorials.


This author of this tutorial is Savannah Soutas, the renowned fashion blogger as well as social media phenomenon on both Instagram and musical.ly who has amassed more than 10 million followers on various platforms. More than 2,8 million users have subscribed to the Youtube channel that she runs with her husband Cole LaBrant, Cole&Sav.


But perhaps what truly sets this video apart from your usual hairstyle tutorial is the different, fresh approach Savannah brings to hair vlogging. Partnered by braid queen Chrissy Rasmussen and daughter Everleigh, Savannah delivers a video full of spontaneity, humor and fun, while still managing to convey all the important hair-related messages without the frequently-used cliches and poor attempts at jokes.


Check it all out in the tutorial which has been seen over 1,3 million times since being uploaded in mid-August.


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