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The Different Worldview Of A Professional Photographer: Amateur Vs. Pro Photos


Taking pictures has become our first thing in the morning and last thing before we go to bed. Whether it’s selfies or taking pictures of our food, we barely even notice the beauty of photographing. It’s a whole process of seeing things in your own, unique ways. Many people are amateur photographers, but once you see their photos, you realize they have a huge talent and their photos make you ponder for hours.

Phillip Haumesser, from St. Louis Missouri, is a man who changed his life after picking up a camera. Nothing would ever be the same when he started taking photos of the most ordinary things. As time went by, he realized it was a whole new worldview.

His story is written in great detail on his webpage, where you can also find a free photography course, in case you are interested. Phillip’s life story is crucial in understanding his artistic aspirations and his photos. First, he was homeschooled and all of his family was adventurous and artsy. Then, when his kids came along, he decided to take photos of them, because his wife had bought him a good camera. At that moment, he realized that the world is telling us a story in colors, and it’s like we are watching a movie, but at the same time living it.

After becoming a photographer, he decided to slow down and “appreciate the masterpieces that were before my very eyes”. Here are some of his photos and how he views the world, collected by BoredPanda.

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1. Light and other factors have a strong influence on the final photograph.


2. The comparison is incredible!


3. Just picking some fruits

Phillip Haumesser Photography

4. Playing inside the barn has never been so much fun


5. Even grass games are extraordinary if you see them from a different angle

Phillip Haumesser Photography

6. Hay whispers


7. Nature is wonderful


8. It’s all about perspective

Phillip Haumesser Photography

9. Coming close enough for the perfect photo

Phillip Haumesser Photography

10. Fun in the forest


11. Focus, light, and different perspective

Phillip Haumesser Photography

Here are some mystery photos finally explained.

Source: boredpanda

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