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Disney Characters Reimagined With A Dark And Scary Twist

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I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about horror themes. Dark, twisted and just a little bit creepy themes to everything, and although some of you may not be very fond of the idea, it’s still cool to see stuff that normally isn’t scary with a scary twist. Kathleen Sanders is an artist who is also fascinated with horror themes, and she decided to give Disney characters that type of twist, and the results are certainly interesting.

Check out the gallery below, as compiled by Diply.

1. Here are a few Disney Princesses with dark twists

I’d say my favorite would be Merida. I know some of you may say that she looks like a The Nightmare Before Christmas reject, but I think that she looks pretty cool.

And just look at Anna sipping on… death juice.

12 Disney Characters Reimagined With A Dark And Scary Twist 1

Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

2. Zombie Stitch

Even in his zombie form, and even with his rib cage exposed and a worm coming out of his ear, he’s still so loveable and cute!

12 Disney Characters Reimagined With A Dark And Scary Twist 2

Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

3. Jessica Rabbit has risen from the grave

Just like the case was with Stitch, even though Jessica Rabbit is dead and covered with stitches, mismatched gloves and clothing, she’s still the hottie she’s always been (well, hottie for a cartoon character anyway).


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

4. Belle as a Vampire

Looks like she can teach Bella and Edward a thing or two.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

5. Elsa as Ursula from The Little Mermaid

It’s hard to imagine what Elsa would actually be like under the sea!


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

6. Maleficent Elsa

Imagine what Elsa would be like as Maleficent. I mean, after all, they do have a thing or two in common, particularly that they’re both powerful but have good intentions.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

7. Sugar Skull Elsa

There’s only one thing I can say about this mash-up: it’s achingly cool.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

8. Inside Elsa

This just makes you feel like you have X-ray vision, and it’s just so… aesthetically correct. I think I’m having an artgasm.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

9. Rapunzel from Tangled as the Bride of Frankenstein

She looks surprisingly happy to be stitched together from leftover parts.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

10. Baymax

Baymax also got the Sugar Skull makeover, which definitely puts some color in his face (literally) considering he’s pure white in his normal form. He’s still just as huggable.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

11. The Elsa on Fire

The irony here is real.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

12. The Walking Disney

Woody imagined as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and other characters imagined as zombies is the best thing I’ve seen all day.


Source: Instagram | @kathleensanders

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