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An Indonesian Couple Had The Disney Wedding Every Girl Dreams About


Many girls dream about getting married like a Disney princess, but in the case of Youtube star Rachel Vennya, it literally was the wedding of dreams.

Vennya is a popular YouTube personality from Indonesia, who has become known for her Rachel’s Diary vlogs. She has over a million Instagram followers, while her husband Niko Al Hakim is an online celebrity in his own right.

In addition to her social media exploits, Rachel is also known as a successful young entrepreneur, having used her online popularity to launch her own line of slimming teas and a fashion brand. Niko Al Hakim, meanwhile, fronts an indie band and runs a restaurant.

Al Hakim proposed to Rachel last year, and when the footage from their January 2017 wedding was released, the pair became a viral sensation outside their native Indonesia. After the entire wedding planning process was documented and shared with the world through their social media outlets, the pair got married at the Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort in Bogor, on the island of Jawa on the 5th of January.

The entire event was Disney themed and no stone was left unturned in delivering a complete fairytale experience. The bride and groom entered the reception in a pumpkin carriage dressed like Snow White and Prince Charming. Then, there was a massive castle wedding cake, an endless amount of flowers, plants and blossoms covering every nook and cranny, ivory gates… but the moment which probably rocketed the wedding video to viral stardom is the first dance.

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After a performance by a duo of professional dancers, Rachel takes the dance floor in a traditional white gown. When the dance started, what seemed like a voluminous white dress, suddenly lit up to resemble the ethereal, lit-from-within iconic dress from the 2015 Cinderella movie.

Surrounded by their stunned guests and a troop of twirling ballerinas, with the lights switched off, the image truly is one of pure magic. Al Hakim’s Prince Charming–inspired epaulets and a regal sash only added to the surreal but majestic experience. After the ceremony, the newlyweds took off for a Maldives honeymoon.

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