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Would You See A Disney Movie With Transgender/Homosexual Characters?


If you haven’t noticed already, or if you’re new here, then you need to know that we’ve talked about artists re-imagining Disney princesses and princes as other things countless times before. However, one artist who goes by the @trans.disney alias online has decided to re-imagine Disney characters as something totally different; transgenders.

You see, while you may not have realized it, all Disney characters are depicted as cisgender and having a heterosexual relationship. As the name might suggest, @trans.disney has re-imagined a few Disney characters as transgender people, and it’s certainly interesting to see.


Gave you some food for thought, didn’t it?

Well, now it’s time to take a look at what some of your favorite characters would look if they were actually transgender.


“Disney movies are about freedom & transformation. What if they could tell a transgender story?” he wrote in his Instagram bio.

Here’s LeFou from Beauty and The Beast


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

Each of his pieces of work is accompanied with a positive-minded caption

For example, for Peter Pan he wrote “There’s no need to go to Neverland. Stay here, and become who you are.”


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

Here’s what Aladdin would look like

“Remember this scene from the film? The ‘Do you trust me?’ moment… Would you trust someone less based only on their gender? Nope. Sorry not sorry.”


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

This is what Princess Ariel would look like

“The face you make when they ask ‘Why can’t you just stay a woman?’ You don’t get to choose which body you come in, but you can decide which body you will live on. The one allowing you to be yourself every day of your life.”


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

I think you’ll agree it’s about time that Disney movies reflected the world we live in today.


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

Children can see themselves represented in movies and can even learn about other people’s lived experiences.


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

“I have desires too, you know? And my desire is to be who I want to be.”


Source: Instagram | @trans.disney

Would you watch a Disney movie with transgender or homosexual characters? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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