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If Disney Princes Had Realistic Bodies

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Brace yourselves ladies (and gentlemen), you’re about to see your Disney childhood crushes with real bodies. Not real-real, but realistic, actually. Like Tarzan with chest hair (as if he wasn’t hot enough), or Prince Eric with a dad body. Did you fantasize when you were little that one day a Disney prince would come and sweep you off your feet? (Cue “Some Day My Prince Will Come” from Snow White here).

Not all of them have hotter bodies.

We’ve seen articles about the Disney princesses and their unrealistic bodies, that could also be a problem for young girls everywhere. In the princes case, the artist was actually careful about the context as well. Because, let’s face it, Tarzan would not be clean-shaved and waxed all over. And Aladdin was so poor and malnourished, there’s no way he would have strong biceps. The term “street-rat” would probably be a lot more justified.

Let’s see then. Disney princes with real bodies!

1. Prince Eric

If Prince Eric has the chef that cooks always for him, he would look more like this.

Disney 5

2. John Smith

It takes a lot to get the “V” shape, John!

Disney 2

3. Tarzan

Living in a jungle means more hairy.

Disney 3

4. The Beast

The Beast would’ve have a little more belly.

Disney 4

5. Aladdin

If he would be starving, he would be skinnier.

Disney 5

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