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This Couple’s Disney Princess Pregnancy Photoshoot Is Wonderful


As you might know, we really like talking to you about pregnancy photoshoots. But it’s not just because we’re trying to say “Hey look! This lady is pregnant! We think it’s cool!”. It’s because sometimes they have some very interesting backstories that make the whole photoshoot even more beautiful. This Disney Princess-themed shoot is one such example.

Husband and wife team Vic and Marie really wanted to be parents but were ultimately let down by the fact that the chances of having children were very unlikely. So, to combat the emotional pain, they decided to become pregnancy and newborn photographers.

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A year into their adventure, Marie managed to get pregnant but suffered a miscarriage after eight months. However, this wasn’t to let them down, as they had a genius idea to take their pregnancy photoshoots to the next level. How? By gathering up several pregnant mothers and transforming them into Disney princesses!

“We wanted to go outside of that box, something no one had tried to do as of yet, and then it hit me, why not do all of the princesses in a group shot, expecting sweet little babies, and showing off their beautiful bump in a creative way?” Marie said. “It was a fun project for me being a huge fan of classic stories and movies I grew up with and it was a fun project for Vic because it allowed him to do something he normally doesn’t get the chance to do often.”

This Couple's Disney Princess Pregnancy Photoshoot Is Wonderful 2

The shoot was done at Newman’s Castle, in Bellville, Texas, US and it just puts into perspective what our childhood favorite Disney princesses would look like if we ever saw them pregnant on-screen.

“We hope that expecting mamas that see these sweet photos of mommies in a completely different way than what is normally photographed and will give them the inspiration to want to hire a photographer to take some beautiful maternity photos!” said Marie. “It’s such a sweet and beautiful moment in your life, a moment that not many can experience, and a moment that should be celebrated.”


A truly brilliant idea and some truly beautiful photos. We feel with Marie and her baby carrying problem, and her way of dealing with the pain is awesome!

Source:Vic and arie Photography, sheknows

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