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Who Says Disney Princesses Don’t Really Exist?


If you lived in ignorance as we did, thinking that believing in fairytales was something to be left behind in your childhood, get ready for a serious shock. The girls and guys at The Things have found ten people whose resemblance to princesses from the Disney movies is simply astonishing.

Check them out!

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Sarah Ingle from Denver, Colorado has spent more than $14,000 on custom-made costumes to transform herself into various Disney princesses. It took her about six months to have her Snow White dress designed and created, and after putting on a short black wig, some bright red lipstick, and dark eyeliner, she looks almost identical to the famous fairytale character.

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Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati has some major skills when it comes to transforming herself into real-life Disney princesses. Each of her transformations includes a hijab, and combined with some impeccable makeup, she definitely looks like she and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” were separated at birth.

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Filipino model Sherri Lansang of California may not be the same ethnicity as Pocahontas, but they have the exact same facial features, the same olive complexion, the same eye shape, the exact same lips, and the same beautiful hair.

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Olayinka Mia Noel of New York dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween, and the photo was so shocking that her post went viral. People all over the world began telling her just how similar she looks to the Aladdin character. She says Jasmine was always her favorite Disney princess, and after purchasing her $10 costume, she realized she definitely looked like the Disney princess’ long lost twin.

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Check out the video below for more people who were separated at birth from a famous Disney princess.


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