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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Parents Show What Comes After The Storybook Ending


As little kids, we often wondered what comes after the happy ending of our favorite fairytale book. Artist Isaiah Stephens was asked by friends from Cosmopolitan to illustrate some Disney characters as parents and parents-to-be. And he nailed it.  Even though you know the Disney version of Snow White or Cinderella, have you ever imagined what happens after they have their happy ending with their Prince Charming? Stephens created the set as a special for Mother’s Day 2016, but the illustrations have gained popularity now as well. Each one features a well-known Disney princess in a scene typical of motherhood — breastfeeding, changing a diaper, or giving birth. Here are a few from his collection.


1. Aurora, probably wishing for eternal slumber right now


2. A whole new world, indeed. Hopefully, their magic carpet won’t get stuck in traffic when Princess Jasmine is in labour.

3. Oh, Ariel, you wish you knew that feeding your baby would be so hard.


4. Too bad Belle already broke the magic curse. It would have been nice to see an enchanted talking breast pump.

5. Elsa wearing yoga pants and enjoying quality time with her toddler.

Stephen shared all of his illustrations on his Instagram and Facebook profile. He has also drawn Disney princesses as characters in Titanic, Star Wars heroes, and even as Easter Peeps. He is great at portraying motherhood, and while we may never watch this type of a Disney movie, the pictures are here for us to have a good laugh. How about the fathers? We can see some are not so impressed by the pure idea of being parents.

Reactions by people were quite divided. Some fell in love with the illustrations, whereas some criticized the way breastfeeding Disney characters were portrayed, covering the baby with a scarf. According to some people, this illustration shams the breastfeeding process.

Source: isaiahks_art
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