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Disney Princesses Face Real-Life Problems


We are used to seeing our favorite Disney princesses as symbols of beauty and purity. Lately, even as figures of girl power and characters to look up to. But what we are not familiar with is seeing them in the real world dealing with real problems as violence, sex trafficking and all the horrible stuff that we see on the news.

A Philadelphia-based photographer called Shannon Dermody, came up with a photo series featuring Disney princesses dealing with many of the darkest aspects of reality.

Shannon is seeking to raise more awareness about these real world problems by taking us out of our comfort zone. There are dramatic living conditions that a lot of people struggle with and face every day. Note: Some of the pictures can be very graphic.

More info: Shannon Dermody | Facebook (h/t: demilked, ufunk)

1. Domestic Violence

Belle from the Beaty & the Beast is a victim of domestic violence.


2. Pollution

The little Mermaid’s Ariel is floating in rubbish as a victim of pollution.


3. Alcoholism

We can see Snow White passing out after having too many drinks.


4. Rape

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is rape victim abandoned outdoors.


5. Suicide

Rapunzel’s hair used quite differently than the original story.


6. Sex Trafficking

Cinderella as a victim of sex trafficking.


7. Tobacco

Jasmine of Aladdin is shown as a tobacco smoker.


8. Heroin

Merida from Pixar’s Brave is shooting heroin in a dirty bathroom.


9. Police Brutality

Tiana from the Princess and the Frog is a shooting victim from police brutality.


Source:Shannon Dermody

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