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6 Adorable Disney Princess Tattoos


Honestly though, Disney princesses have been a huge subject of obsession for decades now. And even though I don’t understand it fully, I give my all support. At the end of the day, all the Disney princesses are brave, kind and beautiful.

But it turns out that there are some fans of the princesses who have just taken their obsession to a whole other level. Can you guess it? In a tattoo form…

You might be weirded out for a second but these tattoos are as cute as they sound and you don’t have to trust me on this one. Take a look at the list below and make sure to vote for your favorite one.

1. How pretty are these colors? Princess Jasmine surely is so beautiful. 

I mean, the bow, flowers and hearts give gorgeous details to the tattoo.

Source: Instagram | @morguettetattoo

2. Cinderella’s carriage! A unique spin on a Disney icon.

So perfect!

Source: Instagram | @natalie_h_w

3. Don’t you think that these colors are so vibrant?

You can never go wrong with The Beauty and the Beast.

Source: Instagram | @princessraytattoo

4. So simple, yet so striking and powerful.


Source: Instagram | @mommabear949

5. These tiny princesses are giving me life, honestly!

So cute and little.

Source: Instagram | @michilove_

6. The realism of this Pocahontas tattoo is simply stunning.

I’m amazed.

Source: Instagram | @bodiesillustrated
From: diply

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