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You Can Become Royalty – Disney Recruits New Princes And Princesses


We have lived with the Disney magic all our childhood, and many of us still tremble at the single thought of visiting Disneyland. Disney had its own secrets as well, that we failed to see in the movies. Here are some of them. While you were dreaming of becoming a prince or a princess in the past, this is totally real today! You don’t believe me? If you possess a certain physical quality and talent, you might become one. Disney currently calls for lookalikes of their iconic prince and princess’s characters. Of course, there are strict conditions for those wanting to become Disney royalty, but why not giving it a try?

First of all, you must be willing to do the obvious, and that is moving to Paris. If you’ve ever fantasized about living as royalty, your dreams might become a reality. Successful candidates must look similar to the original movie character they want to portray and be a competent dancer.


In its call out advertisement the company says: ‘We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people to animate the famous Disney characters. If you have a good level of dance, you can participate in our parade and our cavalcades!’

Disney goes on to explain that candidates are expected to meet and chat to guests, in character, on a daily basis. There are height restrictions as well. No prince or princess must be shorter than 4ft 5 or taller than 6ft 3.

This recruitment drive, as reported in the Mirror, comes after a mother slammed Disneyland Paris for refusing to let her son take part in a Princess For A Day experience. Apparently, they refused him because he is a boy.


Hayley McLean, from Devon, explained how she wanted to book the makeover package at the Disneyland Hotel for her three-year-old son Noah, as an early Christmas present.


The toddler is reportedly obsessed with the Disney film Frozen and loves wearing his Elsa dress around the house all day. However, when his mother tried to get him the special experience, including a photoshoot, Disneyland Paris refused. They said: ‘At this time it is not possible to book Princess For A Day for a boy’.

A spokesperson for Disneyland Paris has now apologized to the family. As from now, the experience is available to all children aged between three and 12.


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