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DIY Jeans Saving – Distressed Denim

Ripped jeans

You can never get enough ideas about how to make the trendiest piece of wardrobe this year: distressed jeans!

We told you how to do them here, and then in a another video so you can get the most out of each pair you have at home. And now, we have a way for you to salvage your jeans, by making your own unique piece of distressed denim!

Racheleea, or Rachel Anderson is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos about make up, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. At home, they know her as an Aussie beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle guru. Her fun channel is full of cool ideas and videos. This time, she decided to share her neat tricks about denim improvement of epic proportions, and we’re thrilled.

The steps are easy, and you’ll end up with a new piece of wardrobe to be proud of.

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