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These Disturbing And Creepy Photos Are Real And Have No Explanation


The internet is full of all kinds of different photos. Some of them are funny, others are interesting, and some are just… strange, unexplainable and just… disturbing. As fake and hoax-y as all these photos may look, some of them are actually real. Here are some of the best examples of disturbing and unnerving photos that simply can’t be explained.

1. Mysterious man in the background

This is a photo of a lady taken in the ’90s when she was moving into a retirement home. After the film was developed, a strange, out of focus man appeared in the background of the photo, and yet the people who took it claim that there was no one behind this lady when the photo was taken, but after seeing the photo, the lady immediately realized that it was actually her deceased husband that died 13 years before the photo was taken.

These Disturbing And Creepy Photos Are Real And Have No Explanation 1

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2. Girl in the fire

This girl was spotted peering through the window during a building fire, and she doesn’t seem to be at all disturbed or upset by what’s going on. Is she a ghost?

These Disturbing And Creepy Photos Are Real And Have No Explanation 2

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3. Hoax

This photo has actually been deemed a hoax, but it was claimed that the person that’s hanging upside down is the previous owner of the house where this was taken.


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4. A mythical creature

This is claimed to be a “Cadborosaurus”, nicknamed “Caddy” that has been caught by some fishermen in 1907. Is it just me, or does that name sound like a rejected mascot for Cadbury chocolate?


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5. Astronaut

The father who took this photo of his daughter claims that there was no one around where he took it.


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6. Burned by the mysterious cigars

The person in the picture is identified as Stefan Michalak. He was on vacation in Whiteshell Provincial Park when he saw two cigar-like objects charging at him, which left him with strange looking burns on his abdomen.


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7. Time travelers in history

This photo was taken in the 1940’s. As you see everyone seems to be dressed appropriately for that time period except for the tall gentlemen in sunglasses and a knitted sweater.


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8. Cell phones in the 20s

This photo was taken in 1928, and shows what appears to be a woman talking on a cell phone, even though this was long before cell phones existed.


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9. Another cell phone


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10. 400-year-old Swiss watch

This photo is from a Chinese archaeologist, who found this watch that was frozen for a claimed 400 years, and yet on the back it says “Swiss”. Gives the phrase “time travel” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


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11. A strange figure in the back seat

In 1959, this picture was taken during a visit to their mother’s grave. The lady taking the picture snapped one of her husband in the car and later noticed a strange figure in the backseat. She claims it’s her deceased mother.


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12. World War I soldiers

The guy pictured was claimed to have died 1 year prior to the picture being taken. They claim it’s his ghost.


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13. The Babushka Lady

This lady has been seen in many photos and film of JFK’s assassination, but has never been identified.


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14. Norway’s Hessdalen Valley lights.

This looks like footage from a thermal camera.


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15. Unexplained lagoon creature.

This photo was taken by a couple who spotted is a tadpole looking creature that is estimated to be 80 feet long. It is still unknown what kind of creature this is.


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16. Faces in the waves

Back in 1924, this photo was taken from the sea waves and as you can see, there are two faces, claimed to belong to two sailors that were buried at sea.


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17. The mysterious dark object in Earth’s orbit

This object was seen orbiting the Earth back in 1960, and has become known as the “Black Knight”.


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18. Pyramids on the moon

This photo taken by Apollo 17 on it’s flight to the moon and it looks like a pyramid is on the moon. Although, NASA claims this is just a blank photo others believe it’s much more.


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19. The Grand Canyon Mystery

This photo of the Grand Canyon was taken around the 70s, or 80s, and the people that took the photo can’t explain the strange figure that’s standing on the ledge, because they claim that no one was there when it was taken.


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20. Strange figure watching these kids

Someone’s stalking this kids, and it’s disturbing.


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21. Catching pterodactyls during the civil war

These American soldiers caught what appears to be pterodactyl during the Civil War, even though the reptile was dead for millions of years by this point.


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