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Re-use: 8 DIY Clothing Hacks, Breathe New Life Into Old Clothes

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Re-use. Re-love. Remarkable!

According to the Huffington Post, the average American threw away 81 pounds of clothing in 2016 – that’s about 26 billion pounds of textile going to the dump! According to some surveys, 95% of all these clothes could have been re-used or recycled. Or if they were totally wrecked they could have been used as patches like in the good old days. Waste not, want not!

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Textile waste goes into our soil and produces greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and methane. But listen it’s oh so easy to re-use a big chunk of your old clothes.

And as this tutorial is going to show you, re-using clothes does not mean they have to look old, dirty, saggy or worn-out.

DIY jeans clothing

All you need is a bit of free time and enthusiasm, and the guidance of someone who’s done it before – in this case, the guys and girls at Troom Troom.

Check out this video for ideas on how to breathe new life into old t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, jeans and even sunglasses!

You’ll be shown how to upfunk old trainers like the ones in the picture below. So cute. I would definitely be pairing these up with a little summer dress or cut-offs.

DIY sneakers clothes

Try it out – not only is it good for the environment, but it will look original. The fact that you’ve added a personal touch to your clothes is only going to increase their meaning and value.

Source:Troom Troom

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