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DIY Fingerprint Necklaces For Those Special People In Your Life

DIY Fingerprint Necklaces

If you’re not aware by now, each of us possess a unique “password” on our fingertips. The fingerprint password!

Not two people’s fingerprints are the same, which is why they are useful for high-security things. It’s also why they make frequent appearances in modern smartphones, as a way of keeping your phone more secure.

Of course, fingerprints are not exactly as common when it comes to DIY jewelry and decorative items, but Troom Troom has decided to use them in that as well!

These are Troom Troom’s DIY fingerprint necklace ideas.

DIY Fingerprint Necklaces 1

I didn’t really understand the concept of this. I’m guessing they’re some type of soft clay pendants that you can inlay your fingerprint in them.

I guess they’re a cool idea.

Well anyway, since I don’t really understand the concept, I’ll just tell you what you need to do this.

DIY Fingerprint Necklaces 2

You’ll need several different colors of polymer clay, as you can see from the picture there.

You’ll also need some jump rings.

DIY Fingerprint Necklaces 3

And either a braided leather cord, or some silk cords.

DIY Fingerprint Necklaces 4

These cute little gifts carry a secret, and they’re perfect to give to someone who’s really really close to you.

To see how to make this special gift, check out the video below:

Source:Troom Troom

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