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Creative Giant Plush Pillow


Have you ever felt so inspired and energetic for whatever reason that you just felt like doing something? Something creative that in the end you would be proud of yourself? For example a giant plush pillow?

Yeah, me too. A lot of times I would lack on these ideas but since YouTube is an amazing DIY place, it was so easy to find amazing stuff to create. Nim C is an awesome channel where you can basically work up your energy to get creative.

Nim is 19 years old from Canada and she loves making clay charms and other easy projects. You can expect a new video from her every Wednesday and Sunday. She has already reached 925,563 subscribers.

Today she teaches us how to make our very own Giant Plush Pillow. It can add some color and also be very comfortable.


People seem to like this tutorial a LOT as you can see in the comments:

“You should totally sell theses I know I would buy them.”
“THIS IS SO CUTE OMG. Just found your channel and I don’t think I’ve ever hit a subscribe button so fast.” Watch the video below to see the whole procedure.

Source:Nim C

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