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Natasha Rose’s DIY Gift Ideas For The Important People In Your Life


We all have that one person in our lives that’s very special to us.

And I mean, VERY special. A person like your best friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even your siblings.

I’m talking about those kinds of people that no matter what kind of fights you get into, and no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for you and they’ll always love you.

You probably have thought to yourself that those people deserve a gift. Something cool, cute, something that symbolizes your relationship with that person, maybe?

Well, if you have that sort of person in your life, and you want to prepare a special gift for them yourself, then Natasha Rose has got your back.

This is actually part 3 of her DIY gift for the special people in your life guide. She has made three cool DIY gifts.

The first one is a DIY terrarium garden

This is a very simple one. She builds the terrarium garden using a dollar store glass jar, which she stuffed with small rocks, soil and some succulent plants. The finished product is definitely unique.


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