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16 Brilliant Ideas For DIY Glittery Christmas Decorations


The holiday season is fast approaching! It’s time to start planning! What presents are you going to get all your friends? What are you going to cook for Christmas dinner? And most importantly, how are you going to decorate your home? Let’s start with that last one. To create the most festive spirit, you will probably use a lot of lights and fake snow, but another thing that just screams “Christmas” is glitter. This list, compiled by Diply, will show you all the things you can make sparkle this holiday season.

1. Balloons

There is only one thing that is more festive than balloons. Glittery balloons! Blow them up, apply some glue (less is more in this case) and cover in glitter. Really simple, but very pretty!


2. Tumblers

Don’t forget your mugs! Make them look amazing with a little non-toxic glue and lots of glitter.

Instagram | The Sparkle Stand

3. Santa’s footprints

If your kid doesn’t believe Santa is real, offer them proof. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and glitter and cover the slightly damp soles of your boots in it. Then press the boots onto the carpet, and it’s done!

Little Hiccups

4. Holiday cards

Glitter makes everything look much more cheerful. Apply generous amounts of the stuff on all your Christmas cards!


5. Drinking mugs

It’s so lovely to sit in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. It’s even better if decorate your mug with some glitter! A sparkly mug like this makes for an excellent present as well.


6. Hair

You must join in all the glitter craze as well! Add a twinkle in your hair by applying some gel on your part and then adding the glitter. Trendy and festive!

Killer Strands

7. Tights or leggings

Once you go glitter, you never go back! Give your legs an extra shine by choosing a pair of sparkly tights or leggings.

Cultured Lady

8. Pine cones

Pine cones are one the most traditional Christmas decorations. Gather some from your yard, or buy the scented kind from your local store, and make them look brilliant!


9. Wine glasses

You can’t celebrate Christmas without wine! Make the wine glasses match the decor by applying a lot of glitter in all your favourite colours!

Cuz I Use Pinterest

10. Baked goodies

Yup, you can eat glitter too! Prepare your own special edible glitter with some sugar and food colouring, and take the world of baking by storm and sparkle!


11. Nightlights

Here is a wonderful idea for a DIY project. Make your own festive lamp with a Mason jar and some glitter. Scintillating!


12. Acorns

The trendiest piece of decoration for this season are acorns. And you know what they say: everything looks better with glitter! It’s very easy to do, but these shiny acorns look so adorable!

Meta Glitter

13. Nails

Christmas is the best time for your glittery nail polish! Don’t apply it by using the brush, use a sponge instead. This will make sure you get your nails completely covered in glitter. Finish off with two coats of clear polish. Brilliant!

Nail Designs

14. Makeup

One way to go is adding some sparkle to your eyeliner. Another is to use some glitter on your eyebrows or under your eyes. Nothing is too much during the holiday season!

Meta Glitter

15. Storage

You need someplace to keep all this glitter while you’re not using it. Salt and pepper shakers are a great storage option, not only because they allow easy access, but also because they look super cute!


16. Clothespins/magnets

When Christmas comes, you will have lots of cards you will want to display. What better way to do it than with some sparkly clips and magnets?

Source: diply

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