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This Is How To Make A DIY Phone Case Using Only A Glue Gun

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Nowadays, having a phone case is a must. Aside from separating your phone from the rest and giving it some extra flair, it also protects your phone should it accidentally fall from your hands and get damaged.

Phone cases range from cheap and effective, to ridiculously expensive and packed with insane (and most of the time useless) features.

However, if you don’t feel like shelling out money even on the cheapest phone cases, but you still want to protect your phone in some way, then fear not, there’s a solution, and that solution is called making a phone case using only a glue gun.

Follow these simple steps to make your phone case:

1. Start by powering the device off and laying it screen side down on a piece of parchment paper.

2. Using scissors, cut the parchment paper around the phone, leaving enough so you can wrap your phone up like a present.

DIY Glue Gun Phone Case 1

3. Wrap it up neatly and tightly in the parchment paper and then tape it all up

DIY Glue Gun Phone Case 3

4. Then, use a pen or pencil to highlight the camera, flash, speaker and other such items that don’t need to be covered

DIY Glue Gun Phone Case 4

5. Grab your glue gun with the color of your choice, and begin creating your design, while adding accessories and decorations should you feel the need. You should also try to make sure that the glue connects in a few places giving the case strength


6. Give it ten or so minutes to dry, and then separate the glue from the parchment paper-wrapped phone and unwrap the phone from the parchment paper


7. And finally, use a pair of scissors to clean up the rough edges, if there are any

DIY Glue Gun Phone Case 7

And that’s all there is to it! You have created an awesome, strong and fashionable phone case using only a glue gun and not much else. This is perfect if, as I said previously, you don’t want to shell out tons of money on a $50+ case with, oh I don’t know, storage for McCafe sugar packets, but still want to protect your phone and keep it all looking nice and fashionable at the same time.

Will you give this idea a try? Found the tutorial helpful? Let us know in the comments!

Source:DaveHax , tiphero

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