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DIY: 5 Awesome Glue Gun Projects


It is no wonder that this DIY video tutorial shared by Mr. Mahi has been seen almost 6 million times in one month. It is one of the more creative, daring Do It Yourself undertakings we have stumbled upon lately. The only thing you need is a glue gun, and you will be able to make your own footwear, jewelry and even mobile phone accessories!

If you believed a glue gun is a complicated tool for experts, play the video and think again – there is really nothing to it. All you need is to be super careful not to touch the hot glue. Check out these five items that you can easily create yourself, and it probably won’t be long before you start coming up with your own glue gun projects.

1. Making your own slippers

glue 1

2. DIY Bracelets

glue 2

3. DIY Rings

glue 3

4. Making your own wallet

glue 4

5. Unique glue mobile phone cover case

glue 5

Check out the video for the full tutorial by Mr. Mahi and do not worry: it is as easy as it could possibly be. So handle with care and enjoy your work!

Source:Mr. Mahi

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